I have made this blog so that I can share with the world my experience first hand with a reptilian being in the mountains of Colorado. Mostly every time i mention this to my friends I get real nervous just talking about it, and they just laugh at me anyways. I wish most of the story wasn’t just taking my word for it. I wish I had some sort of proof, but all I can do is share what happened and hope people have enough sense to believe me, before these damn things do something to us. They don’t seem peaceful to me at all, and their appearance is horrid! I have nightmares about it to this day, and I just want to use this so that other people can comment on my story and let me know if they have had any similar experiences so that I know I’m not crazy and people have had similar experiences. Thank you for your time, and thanks for reading my blog.

  1. Avia/Miriam says:

    For a real indepth study of all things ancient, alien and reptilian, I recommend you watch some of these this man’s videos. Michael Tsarion is a walking encyclopedia. I believe your experience is real, as I have had some strange-but-true experiences too (not reptoids tho), but the most important thing is to use it to learn, study all the great minds on this subject and don’t let fear enter your heart. Also, remember you are not alone – there are many of us with surfacing memories and a sixth sense and sight. We are all working to free humanity from the chains of interference from alien and on-earth forces that wish to inhibit our path to enlightenment and freedom.
    Keep your inner light shining brightly, as it is your best guidance and protection.

  2. Hey, I’m finally on board. I know it’s not something most people are ready to talk about…reptiles and such…but I find it not just fascinating, but highly probable. Even as a metaphor all this information can be applied to the sick freaks who like to hurt people and have no shame or guilt. They do it because they use their reptilian brain and it leads me to believe there might be more going on than basic psychology. Whether people want to accept it or not, there is so much more going on than most are aware of and I’m proud of you for having the courage to create this site. Thanks for contacting me. I’m considered extremely radical by my “friends,” so don’t be afraid to ask me a question or share a concern in the future if others make you feel uncomfortable. Peace.

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