India and the Nagas of the Underworld

Posted: January 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

The Nagas in India’s mythology are a race of serpent beings. They usually are depicted with half man, and half serpent like bodies. According to Credo Mutwa who is a Zulu shaman, people were not allow to depict these reptilian entities in their true form or they would be killed. Could this be why that people do not wish to depict the Muslim god Allah? That is a good question. People still portrayed these images regardless but not exactly what they looked like. Since the Nagas is more like a race of beings, they were able to depict the lower class, as long as they left out the Nagas royalty or reptilian royalty. Many temples in India also depict these reptilian entities as we would depict Christ in a Christian church. The snake symbolism is everywhere. The Nagas in Indian scripture speak of legends of the Naga living underground and coming to the surface to interact with human beings. Could reptilians have originated naturally on Earth instead of coming from another planet? Some versions of the scriptures speak of another reptilian race the Sarpa, that lived on a continent in the middle of the pacific ocean that sank beneath the waves. This could be a sort of lost city of Atlantis that other cultures have spoken of. Please feel free to do more research on Indian mythology, and also Muslim religion, I have a feeling they have been worshiping reptilian beings!

  1. Sydney, I think you’re getting a certain catch on things but i do understand that there are some complications in reptilian minds, I think that they are made by some sort of chemical that makes it that way….I do believe that there are serpent people that do reach back but now is your chance to prove it……do you believe in vampyres? In ancient crete there are some manuscripts that date back to the time of lilith now i may still be correct but they are found beneathe the island. there are extraterrestrials but i’ll get back to you later on that one. Some believe like I that they were born on other planets, but mutated over time……i belive that there are otherworldy beiings and to argue the fact that president obama would say something like that i believe he really is going to end this world with reptiles…….ummmm… know witchcraft right? well, i think that they had certain chemicals in their fires that made them that way….I have subscribed and i would like very much to link…..Megan

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