I know for a fact Reptilians are real…I have seen one

Posted: December 9, 2010 in Uncategorized
Traditional Reptilian or Reptoid

Traditional Reptilian or Reptoid

I just want to start off by saying that YES I have encountered a real reptilian before in the Mountains of Colorado. Their eyes seem to glow in the moon light, and it seems that they can see perfectly at night. They are great climbers and swimmers. They can outrun the fastest man alive I’m sure of it, and it scared me to death. When I was camping in the mountains close to Denver, we were having a great night. We made some real good BBQ and ate by the camp fire. We told ghost stories, and ate smores, and I was with my little 10 year old nephew. Luckily he slept through the whole ordeal, but lets continue. It was cold that night and we had two tents, my nephew and his father, my brother slept in the tent closest to the fire. Me being generally mostly cold blooded (no pun intended) I slept in the tent that was further away from the fire. I slept most of the night and everything was fine. I was awoken by a huge crashing noise in the trees, like something was jumping from tree to tree around my tent. I remember looking at my watch at it was 3am. The strangest thing was I could hear no other sound, not the crackling of the fire, and not any of the nocturnal insects that usually make racket. I could move my upper torso, but I could not move anything from my waste down. I tried whispering for my brother hoping that he would hear me and go see what it was. I called his name 3 times, after the 3rd time, the entrance zipper to my tent began to open…I felt relief and thought this was my brother…Too my horror it was the most ugly looking reptoid creature I have ever seen! It had slits for pupils and it blinked sideways which I thought was completely crazy, before I could scream he waived his hand over my face and he like muted my voice it felt like. No matter how hard I yelled nothing would come out. This is when I got even more scared. I didn’t know what this thing was going to do to me, or what it wanted. I had a backpack in the tent, and I had arrowheads and fossils that we had found along the trails. The reptilian being took my bag of fossils and turned to me, and did the most wicked smile I have ever seen. He looked like the devil himself. He was all green, with some yellowish parts of his body, like his underside. He had huge claws, and what looked like razor sharp teeth. After he smiled at me he left, and I still could not move. After about 30 or so minutes (it felt like an eternity) I was finally able to move my legs again and quickly woke up my brother. I told him the whole story, and he started to laugh while he was trying to calm down my nephew. I showed him where I thought i heard him jumping from tree to tree, and what had happened to the tee. We looked by my tent and there were HUGE reptilian dinosaur like foot prints that were FRESH! Also the tops of the trees where he had been swinging from where like scratched with his claw marks. We didn’t see all this until the next day. I have been going crazy wondering what that reptilian wanted with our fossils. I couldn’t believe this had happened to me over something so simple. Had we picked up something he didn’t want us to have? If so why? Why would he go through so much trouble, and the most scary question is, How did he know I had it? After this I had done TONS of research throughout the internet to see if anyone else has had a similar story happen to them… I have found a lot of information, but nothing really helps me identify what this guy was really after, and why he smiled at me. It was all very creepy. Let me give you a run down of what I have learned while researching on the internet. There have been various types of upright walking reptilian beings that have been spotted on many cases by people. These are the types of reptilians…

Tailless Reptoids

Tailless Reptoid

Tailless Reptoid

Usually reptoids range from 5 to 9 feet tall. Judging by eyewitness reports there are 3 types of distinct reptilian beings. This type the tailless reptoid I think is closest to what I encountered. This type of reptilian is like the infantry or lower class reptilian. He is the worker bee I guess you could say. Probably runs errands for those higher up in the food chain or chain of command (however that works). He may not look as scary as the others but I guarantee you, if you come across one of these guys I would run. They obviously have some type of telekinetic powers or psychic ability to keep me paralyzed with a weird hand motion. I’m 100% sure thats not the worse he could have done to me either the way he was swinging from tree to tree. Those were huge gaps between those trees, and I just don’t see how he could do that, he must have the strength of 20 men. Notice the huge claws on this thing. It could tear up the most savage of wild animals. Not only that, just because this is the lowest class of the reptoids don’t thing for a second this guy is not smart. He obviously knew what he was looking for, found it, and ran off leaving me paralyzed for 30 minutes. What did he want with my fossils? Did I pickup something that he didn’t want me to have? If so why? If any of you can help me out with some of these questions be sure to leave comments at the bottom of the page.

The Draco Reptilians

The Draco Reptilian

The Draco Reptilian

I am glad I didn’t encounter this guy. He looks very scary. The Draco reptilians have horns on the top of their head which leads me to believe that this could have been what early man or civilizations referred to as the devil. Notice how he is very similar to what history, and religion tells us the devil looks like. Even in the story of Adam and Eve the snake that approaches them and tells them to eat the apple in some pictures looks half human, and half reptilian. Could it have been a reptoid? The story of Adam and Eve is not just a Christian or Catholic story either, it has been passed down through the ages, even through civilizations such as Egypt, and the Greeks.The Draco reptilians are said to be 7 – 12 feet tall, so they are larger than the average tail-less reptilian. Since these draco reptilians have wings, they are said to be the royal elite of the reptilian race, and they are seen far less often than any other reptoid. Their wings are made of long boney spines that attach to their rib cage, and come out their backs. These spines are huge and reach to the bottom of their legs. These bony spines are joined together with a leathery type of skin that is supposedly very tough and durable. Eyewitnesses have claimed that sometimes reptilians wear cloaks, this could be because they are covering their wings, or they are their wings themselves and people are getting confused because it being dark or whatever. Shock does weird things to people especially when your discovering a new intelligent race in real time. Trust me I can tell you first hand. Im just glad I didn’t encounter this winged Draco he looks a lot more intimidating. One last thing about Draco reptilians is that when they have been sighted sometimes they are approached by other winged Draco reptilians that have powdery white scales, and it seems they are higher in rank, and the regular winged Draco reptilians listen to their orders very carefully. So there is definitely a rank system, that all these reptilians follow.

Reptilian Grey Alien Hybrid

Reptilian Grey Alien Hybrid

The last type of reptilian alien hybrid that I would like to describe that also has a lot of eyewitness reports is a sort of alien grey mixed with reptilians as a hybrid. Some people speculate that the purpose the grey aliens abduct people is to genetically produce a hybrid race. The same holds true for this reptilian race. Do these types of reptilians have more advanced alien psychic powers? One thing is for sure, they are definitely different from the rest of the reptoids. They resemble both a reptilian and a grey alien, with its large head, and huge eye sockets. I wonder where in the hierarchy or rank these things are? Are they the boss of bosses? Are they shunned by the rest of the reptilian family. I can only speculate. I know like the differences we have from human to human, the reptoids are also very different from each other. Please leave me comments and let me know what you think about this story. It is very strange indeed.


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